a process for ensuring fedora disks are all from the same modified speakup

Michael Malver mmalver at visi.com
Tue Jan 18 08:50:05 UTC 2005

Over a period of a week, I downloaded the four isos for speakup.  I check
the media, and it says they are good, but because I downloaded them on
different nights, I want to ensure that they are all part of the same set.
I've had instances before where I've downloaded the disks, but the install
crrashed part way through because one disk was a later version than the
others.  Will checking the media prevent this?  I went to the ftp site, and
ls -l as a user suggested, but this didn't produce a long listing.  I hate
to repeat myself, but with such a long download time, I want to ensure no
errors have occured. How can I do this?  If a disk is newer, does checking
the media ensure I get an error, or does that just validate the data was
written properly?

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