install problem

Michael Malver mmalver at
Tue Jan 18 10:57:13 UTC 2005

I can  go through the partition screen and set up everything the way I want,
ignoring the assertion error which comes up every time I make a choice even
though they have to do with hda1, the program aborted with a note to write
down the error, and talk to redhat at the point that the formatting of the
partitions was to begin.  I don't remember the error, but it sounded
something like a core dump.
.  I'm sorry I didn't get the last message, but I can only assume it was
related to the error I sighted above.
one last note: before I ever flipped jumpers around, I booted into windows
with the eight gig drive.  Although the bios showed two drives, windows
never showed me an additional drive letter representing the new inserted
drive.  Is this because it was formatted as ext3, or should I have seen a
drive letter that would have been inaccessable?
Sorry if I'm mixing apples and oranges.  any help would be greatly
p.s. I know a solution would simply be to pull the eight gig out of the
system, and just install.  I'd preffer not to do this, but as a last resort,
I will.

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