Newbie Questions

P. stanley pstanley99 at
Wed Jan 19 10:48:06 UTC 2005

Can I please ask you not to send any more files to the list.  Your email 
came with an attachment named mail.dat.  I havne't a clue what it is or 
it's supposed to do so I'm going to delete it straightaway.
At 10:36 19/01/2005, you wrote:
>Greetings.  I am new to this list but not the field of AT.  Please be 
>gentle with you correction of my inevitable newbie gaffs...
>Janini recently wrote:
> > You should be clear that you're not running Linux.
> > The BSD on which your Mac's OSX is based bears many resemblances,
> > and many things will work similarly. But, it is not the same thing.
>Is Unix off-topic for this list?
>Is there is a good reference URL that outlines the differences?  I 
>understand and appreciate the whole OSS background, but is there more than 
>What is the best term to refer to matters relating to both Unix and 
>Linux?  I now wonder if my preferred phrase for someone who is experience 
>with the CLI, Unix Geek, can offend on two levels!
>I am not getting hits from the Blinux search engine.  Am I doing something 
>wrong or is it known to be broken?  I have tried both of the following:
>Blinux-list mailing list
>Blinux-list at

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