Braille translation software for *nix

Bailey, Bruce Bruce.Bailey at
Wed Jan 19 18:01:51 UTC 2005

>From my browsing through the Blinux archives (apologies again, I can't get the search facility turn up anything) it would seem that the questions "Is there anything besides NFBtrans for Linux?" comes up once a year or so.  There is never a clear answer in the affirmative.  Lee suggested Duxbury for Linux, but from what I find on the web site, such a thing doesn't exist.  

Peter brought up his wish to teach NFBtrans LATeX.  I would think NFBtrans inability to directly handle HTML, Word, and PDF would be a severe limitation.  

I have read more of the NFBtrans documentation and now have a good deal more respect for it!  I understand that NFBtrans will automatically center headings (if they are centered in plain text), but I find that its requirement to add emphasis commands by hand seems particularly cumbersome, especially considering that emphasis exists quite clearly in the source documents and is lost when those source documents are converted to plain text.

How is it that NFBtrans limitation to ASCII is not more of a problem?
Lee, am I correct to understand that you have given up on embossing your own Braille out of sheer frustration?

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