Bwavedit (awe)

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Mon Jan 24 13:46:27 UTC 2005

Hi again Lars,  Yes that is the latest version.  I haven't done much
on the program for quite awhile.  I have a whack of bugs to fix when I
can next get around to working on it.

One thing I might suggest you check is to do a 'ps aux' to check if
there are some old awe processes hanging around which didn't die off
when the program may have segfaulted.  I've seen multiple player
processes cause the condition you mentioned.

There is no way currently to change buffer size but I doubt that's the
problem in any event.

What speed processor do you have?  Also, are you using OSS or ALSA
audio drivers?  Have you noticed any other programs being sluggish or
anything like that?



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