BRLTTY with alva satellite still does not work

Talksina boom boom talksina at
Fri Jul 1 06:14:25 UTC 2005

I just downloaded the RPM from the author's web site and generated the .deb 
with alien
then dpkg -i brltty etc etc etc
and I told him to update the configuration file
then I edited it, i went to braille-driver and uncomented the braille-driver al
then braille-device usb:
or should I check for usb:nnn and specify usb serial number (how can I find 
this number, referring to the port where alva is connected? from dmesg?)
the /etc/init.d/brltty restart shows me that it regularly finds alva 
satellite and all four USB ports.
and when I reboot the alva makes an ascending sound, similar to the one it 
produces when it connects under windows, but then no life from my poor 40 
it just says, braille system 40 OK, waiting for connection.
today a sighted person should help me to install it, so as he does not know 
anything about Braille, that's why I ask to you for support
thanks in advance

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