New Linux user and several questions!

Brian Olesen brian at
Fri Jul 8 15:51:07 UTC 2005

Dear list,
Ok finally I did it. Never thought I would. grin
I'm talking about making the decition to try Linux for good and for worse.

More then 10 years ago I used dos allot and while studdying computer science 
I played a bit with Unix.
But 10 years is very long time without touching such a complex system, so 
almost all of the knoladge I had at that time has gone away.

With sighted help I installed a server installation yesterday based on 
Fedora core 4.
The machine is an ordenary pc celeron 2.66 GHZ 512 megs of ram, and a 40 gig 
hard drive.
There is a c-media audio chip build in and the graphics card is a Nvidia tnt 
2 I think.

The server is running fine and a good friend of mine is configuring lots of 
programs and services remotely.
Now on to the questions

How can I get into Linux?
Where do I start?

Shortly about my background. I'm a Microsoft certified systems engeneer 
Internet specialist, so at least I have good knoladge about computers in 
generel, and windows stuff in particular.

I've heard that there are diferent options to choose from when deciding wich 
speech system you want?

I can access the machine from other machines via secure crt and ssh, but is 
it possible to install some speech on the machine itself?

Well I'll not ask any more questions for now. I hope some of you more 
experienced users will step in, and give me some information about how to 
become a serious Linux user. Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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