Debian speakup-modified installation?

hank smith hanksmith4 at
Fri Jul 8 16:33:35 UTC 2005

then why did he include the 2.6 kirnel?
that was kind of a stupid thing to do wasn't it?
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> One mistake I made the first time I installed speakup is that I installed 
> the 2.6 kernel instead of the 2.4 speakup-modified kernel. You're given a 
> choice but if you install the 2.6 kernel, then you don't get speakup.
> One thing that isn't clear in your message is how you know speakup isn't 
> there. You don't have a synth so obviously, it's not speaking. You say you 
> have sighted assistance so I'm guessing your friend installed it for you? 
> Probably speech wasn't working during the install either, right?
> I have an external synth but I know that if I don't have it connected and 
> turned on at boot time, I don't get speech. There is probably some way to 
> get it started but usually, I just reboot.
> At 10:16 AM 7/8/2005, you wrote:
>>I downloaded the Debian modified distribution with speakup built in.
>>I want to get software speech going on a laptop for which i do not have a 
>>hw synth.
>>I'll have some sighted help.
>>I tried and got a linux running, but it does not look as if speakup is 
>>I will ssh into the laptop once the linux is running from my desktop.
>>I intend to then configure the software speech.  Most people here are 
>>using Debian, but I have only worked with Redhat/Fedora  reasently
>>and with Slacware long ago.
>>Any tips welcome.
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