Debian speakup-modified installation?

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Fri Jul 8 20:19:29 UTC 2005

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On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 10:43:06 AM -0500, John G. Heim wrote:
> One mistake I made the first time I installed speakup is that I installed 
> the 2.6 kernel instead of the 2.4 speakup-modified kernel. You're given a 
> choice but if you install the 2.6 kernel, then you don't get speakup.

This isn't necessarily so. I installed a 2.6 kernel from the speakup
modified iso andit worked. IIRC it was called 2.6.8-2-speakup and the
command you have to use with the netinst cd to get it going is
"speakup26 speakup_synth=xxx". You will likely have a hard time getting
it going with software speech, but it certainly can be made to work

> I have an external synth but I know that if I don't have it connected and 
> turned on at boot time, I don't get speech. There is probably some way to 
> get it started but usually, I just reboot.

Reboot, what's that? But seriously if you disconnect and reconnect your
synth or just turn it off and back on or whatever you can get it working
with speakup again by pressing the speakup kill key (print-screen) a
couple times. This seems to reinitialize the synthesizer and you're back
in business.

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