New Linux user and several questions!

Chris Norman chris.norman4 at
Fri Jul 8 21:56:05 UTC 2005

I don't know if it'll help you with Linux, I only have a nice folder the 
size of a house with three different versions of Linux still in their 
images, but I do have a unix command summery, might help? Give me a shout 
and I'll send it across. Also there is a site called which 
has a linux link on it.

Chris Norman.

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Subject: New Linux user and several questions!

> Dear list,
> Ok finally I did it. Never thought I would. grin
> I'm talking about making the decition to try Linux for good and for worse.
> More then 10 years ago I used dos allot and while studdying computer 
> science I played a bit with Unix.
> But 10 years is very long time without touching such a complex system, so 
> almost all of the knoladge I had at that time has gone away.
> With sighted help I installed a server installation yesterday based on 
> Fedora core 4.
> The machine is an ordenary pc celeron 2.66 GHZ 512 megs of ram, and a 40 
> gig hard drive.
> There is a c-media audio chip build in and the graphics card is a Nvidia 
> tnt 2 I think.
> The server is running fine and a good friend of mine is configuring lots 
> of programs and services remotely.
> Now on to the questions
> How can I get into Linux?
> Where do I start?
> Shortly about my background. I'm a Microsoft certified systems engeneer 
> Internet specialist, so at least I have good knoladge about computers in 
> generel, and windows stuff in particular.
> I've heard that there are diferent options to choose from when deciding 
> wich speech system you want?
> I can access the machine from other machines via secure crt and ssh, but 
> is it possible to install some speech on the machine itself?
> Well I'll not ask any more questions for now. I hope some of you more 
> experienced users will step in, and give me some information about how to 
> become a serious Linux user. Thanks in advance.
> Best regards
> Brian
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