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Herzog herzog at
Mon Jul 11 22:42:23 UTC 2005

    I had a deal wherein the reading edge could accept inputs from an 
1986 PC, which had vocal eyes, but used the speech synthizer of the 
reading edge.
It only needed serial cord interfaces, and worked well with Q-modem mail 
PS I'm told that reading edges go for $300 now, but know someone looking 
for one. Will
John G. Heim wrote:

> Wow... You know what just occured to me... Wouldn't it be cool if 
> there was a hardware speech synthesizer emulator?
> You plug a null-modem cable into your new computer, connect the other 
> end to a machine with speech already working, and run an emulator on 
> the machine with speech already running. The new machine thinks it's 
> talking to a doubletalk LT for example but it's really talking to 
> another computer.
> It shouldn't even be very difficult to write.  You wouldn't have to 
> worry about what is speaking. Just display whatever the synth is 
> supposed to be saying. It would be up to whatever speech engine is on 
> the old machine to do the talking. Write it in perl so it would be 
> portable, run on any platform.
> Wow. I'm going to have to try this when I get home tonight. Connect a 
> null modem cable to the port my doubletalk would normally be connected 
> to and see what comes out on a terminal emulator on another machine. 
> Then, write a perl script to send the same string to the double talk 
> and see how it responds. And then write a perl script to say that same 
> thing to the linux box on the other side of the null modem cable.  
> Keep doing that until I essentually have a doubletalk LT emulator script.
> Might take me more than one night though.

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