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Sat Jul 16 12:54:30 UTC 2005

Dave Mielke writes:
> [quoted lines by ????????? on 2005/07/13 at 22:06 +0800]
> >It says "Alert!: Unsupported URL scheme!".
> The "URL scheme" is the part which is to the left of the first colon, e.g. 
> "http" or "ftp". You'll get that error, for example, when using lynx if the URL
> starts with "javascript:" because that browser doesn't support that URL scheme.
> -- 

Sometimes you can edit that URL into something lynx can execute. I have
seen quite a few instances of a standard http: hyperlink wrapped up in a
javascript:. When this happens, the havascript typically quotes the
hyperlink in single quotes, so that I am able to trim off the beginning
and end and execute it that way.

Obviously, were this something I would use over and over, I'd edit the
source page in my own permanent copy and execute from my version.

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