Installing Tiger from the Command Line

Dave Mielke dave at
Mon May 2 05:08:21 UTC 2005

[quoted lines by John J. Boyer on 2005/05/01 at 23:03 -0500]


>VoiceOver is a non-starter for me, since I am deaf-blind. I'm going to
>raise a ruckus to get apple to support Braille.

I, of course, would welcome the opportunity to do a proper job of getting
BRLTTY to work on Mac OS X. If Apple (or anyone else for that matter) were to
either loan or give me a Mac for that purpose then I could, and would, work to
that end. That'd make Apple's life easy since BRLTTY already supports most
models, so it'd only be the work of writing a native screen reader which would
interface properly with their widgets.

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