Fedora Core 3.0 and Braillex 2d Screen (hardware)

Patrik Johansson bjursika at home.se
Tue May 3 19:32:33 UTC 2005

Hi all!

I've still problem to install Fedora Core 3.0 with my Braillex 2d Screen connected through the hardware interface card.
It has worked fine with RedHat 7.x (the only thing I had to do was to add no-scroll as a parameter at the installation prompt).
I've tried this with Fedora, but it dowsn't work.
I've also tried to disable the frame buffers with the nofb parameter.
I've written something like this:
linux no-scroll nofb text

However, this results in that the installation seems to boot in graphic mode. The "text" parameter seems to give nothing.
If I write :
linux text

I get text mode, but the Braille display doesn't work correctly. Seems like there is a scrolling problem.

I'm looking for experiences with ReadHat/Fedora and Braillex 2d Screen (hardware).

Can anyone help me?

Best regards,

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