Textareas with lynx

Tim Chase blinux.list at thechases.com
Thu May 12 21:01:26 UTC 2005

> CTRL+X followed by "g" does nothing at all on my system :-(.

bummer.  You might try alt+g (or meta+g if they're different keys
for you).  Or, you might be running with an older version of
Lynx?  I've also had success with simply hitting <enter> at the
end of the document.  I run lynx with some funky settings, so I
don't know if they're impacting matters.  In particular, I have
it set so that I have to press <enter> to edit a text area/box,
so using "j" (with vi-keys turned on) doesn't start dumping text
in a text box.

particularly, I have the following lines in my .lynxrc


so I don't know if they change matters.  There may also be
something related to which key-bindings you have set.  Might want
to check your options--particulary the "Line edit style" which
may be set to "default", "alternate", or "bash".  This may also
bung with the behaviors.

> vim rules *g*.

Feel free to swing by the vim users list if you ever have trouble
or questions...there are a lot of us loonies on the list and you
learn incredible stuff.  I've been using vi/vim for easily 5+
years and continue to learn new stuff on a regular basis on the list.

> allthoug CTRL+X followd by "e" opens vi with the text in the 
> textarea it would be nice, if I could do this with only a 
> single keycombination, for example CTRL+e. Is this possible 
> too?

Well, I have had success in some places using control+meta+e
(usually the same thing as control+alt+e).  Another option might
be alt+e or meta+e which may do the same thing as the control+x
prefix.  Try both and see what happens.  Keystrokes are cheap
(grins).  If you want to crack under the hood with keyboard
redefinitions, the internal commands are GROWTEXTAREA and
EDITTEXTAREA for use with the KEYMAP lynxrc directive.

Hope this launches you on your way to exploiting all the goodness
that Lynx has to offer.


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