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Christian Schoepplein chris at schoeppi.net
Thu May 12 21:45:38 UTC 2005

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Hi Tim

On Do, Mai 12, 2005 at 04:01:26 -0500, Tim Chase wrote:
>>vim rules *g*.
>Feel free to swing by the vim users list if you ever have trouble
>or questions...there are a lot of us loonies on the list and you
>learn incredible stuff.

Is there much traffic on this list? I already have to much mails 
per day so a high traffic list would mean even more time sitting in 
front of the computer :-(.

>>allthoug CTRL+X followd by "e" opens vi with the text in the 
>>textarea it would be nice, if I could do this with only a 
>>single keycombination, for example CTRL+e. Is this possible 
>Well, I have had success in some places using control+meta+e
>(usually the same thing as control+alt+e).  Another option might
>be alt+e or meta+e which may do the same thing as the control+x
>prefix.  Try both and see what happens.  Keystrokes are cheap

Alt+e was the right hint, thanks, that worked! Also thanks for for all 
the other tips, I'll play with the settings in lynx.cfg file to find out 
what happens.

>Hope this launches you on your way to exploiting all the goodness
>that Lynx has to offer.

Hmm, allthough browsers like links or elinks have more or 
sometimes better features and better support for javascript, I like 
lynx the most. I tryed the other browsers, but at last I alway switch 
back to lynx.


Thanks and good night,

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