how do it work? (samba)

Karl Dahlke eklhad at
Wed May 18 07:10:15 UTC 2005

You need to share the drives on your windows machines, and I have no idea how to do that.
(I hate windows.)
If you have a c and d drive, share them both.
You'll give them names, may as well be c and d.

Then in /etc/fstab, something like this.
//windows/C /c smbfs uid=500,gid=500,ip=,username=administrator,password=secret 0 0

Use the ip number of your windows box in the above, and the administrator's password.
Make very sure your windows box is not directly accessible from the internet,
else everyone can see and change your files.
It should be behind a router or firewall.

Linux needs smbfs built in or as module, or this won't work.
I think smbfs comes standard in all distributions.

Now you only need mount /c
and there you are.

If you forget to unmount it, and turn the windows box off,
you'll get some errors, but mostly harmless.

If you're running windows 2003, none of this will work.
You need a different module, cifs, to access their shared drives,
and it is shipped with most versions of linux,
but the last time I tried to use it it craashed the linux box completely!
I don't know what to suggest in this situation.
Hopefully you aren't on windows 2003.

Karl Dahlke

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