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Fri May 20 05:32:52 UTC 2005

ok, it was too bad that brltty doesn't work with the tieman portabraille.
thought it should do so because it worked with combibraille displays.

Can I get a list on what displays brltty supports, so I know?

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[quoted lines by Kristoffer Gustafsson on 2005/05/19 at 22:31 +0200]

>I am planning to buy a portabraille display to use with linux.
>does brltty support this display?

No, it doesn't. I'd be glad to write a driver for it, though, if anyone can
provide me with information on the protocol which it uses.

>also, I would like to get information about this display like what
>connection it uses, if it is serial connection or something else, and
>what other operatingsystems I can use it under.

A bit of googling reveals that it's a mid- to late-'80s display which has a
serial and a parallel port.

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