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What do you want to do with it?

If you want to read the computer screen in braille, using the computer
keyboard to enter stuff to the computer, then most anything that looks
like it'd be comfortable and easy to use will work. If you want to get
information off the computer and put it in the braille&keyboard unit's
memory to read somewhere else, you need one of the notetakers like PAC
Mate (the one I have) or something like that.

The PAC Mate is nice in that you can detach the braille part and use
it on a computer as described above. This part of it will work on
Linux or Windows; not sure about DOS but I haven't heard that they've
written a DOS driver. You can also stick in a network card or modem
and use it as a terminal with many ISP's. (This is true of most
notetakers but try before you buy.) 

To download information to read elsewhere you'll need to either
connect to Windows and use a screenreader, or use a memory stick or
other external storage; put the information on that storage and then
move it to the notetaker.


On Sat, May 21, 2005 at 07:04:15AM +0000, Brian Tew wrote:
> My old versabrailler looks like it is about to croak.
> I want a display that will just act as an ascii terminal.
> I would rather not have to mess with a screen reader.
> Do yall know if any modern displays are simple enough to do that now?


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