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Mon May 23 12:54:22 UTC 2005

On Sun, May 22, 2005 at 04:56:54PM -0600, Brian Tew wrote:
> I just want to use it for a terminal.
> I only use linux console programs.
> What i want is just a buffer with braille output.
> It sounds like most any of them will do for my purposes as
> long as they aren't specifically dedicated to windows.
> About how much does the pac mate cost with braille?


First, a clarification of terminology: It sounds like what you want is
a display medium - a braille version of the computer's screen, so to
speak. It sounds like you use the computer's keyboard to input stuff;
is this right? You want to move around on the computer's screen in
real time, but this doesn't require a buffer (and is probably more
convenient without one though I could be wrong).

If this is right, what you want is not a terminal. A terminal is a
combination of input medium (keyboard) and display medium (braille); a
braille display is just a display medium.

If I'm correct, then you're correct; any of them will do. All you want
is a braille display; it need not have either keyboard or internal
memory. That's a display, not (or at least not necessarily) a
terminal. Thus, you don't want a PACMate because that has a keyboard
and internal memory and neither of these can interact with Linux. You
could buy a PACMate display, which is a subsection of a PACMate;
that's a display-only thing with no memory; essentially it's like a
Focus but a bit smaller. Check out prices on the Freedom Scientific
web site, and you might want to go to some show or technology center
where you can look at various pieces of equipment and better assess
their capabilities.

If you get a used piece of equipment, make sure you get manuals or
that there are online manuals available. Specifically, some serial
devices need a null modem cable and some need a straight through
cable. Make sure you can find out which.



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