a speakup 2.0 and lynx problem

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Fri May 27 15:35:02 UTC 2005

It sounds to me like you have toggled your cursor tracking off.  It is
on by default so you may want to check that.  The other thing is that
when you hit a down arrow to move from link to link if the links you
are moving between are on the same line it will probably say the
entire line over because up and down arrows to a say line whereas left
and right arrows do a say character.

In lynx with show cursor turned on which it should be the cursor is
placed one position to the left of the actual link.  I suspect that is
where they place it because the highlighting may start there for the
current link I'm not sure.

If this activity isn't suitable for your purposes please submit
patches and we will all benefit.



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