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Dave Mielke dave at
Sat May 28 04:59:29 UTC 2005

[quoted lines by Michael Malver on 2005/05/27 at 22:29 -0500]


That means that, in all probability, your sound card has already been
discovered and is already configured.

>IF I play a sound, the play program takes as long as it should for a sound
>to play, but I hear nothing from the speakers, 

That's further evidence that the sound card is set up just fine. If it weren't
then you'd have received an immediate error.

What you probably need to do is to unmute the relevant channels and turn up
their level controls. Assuming that you're using ALSA, give the following
commands a try (case is important):

   amixer set Master 90%
   amixer set Master unmute
   amixer set PCM 75%
   amixer set PCM unmute

Note that these are only example commands. The specifics on your system, or,
rather, with your sound card, may differ.

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