Listening to Internet Radio with mplayer

Martin McCormick martin at
Sun May 29 04:23:29 UTC 2005

	I installed mplayer today on a debian system with alsa working
and was immediately able to listen to 3 radio stations which have mp3
feeds and part of a stream whose link ended in the .wmv file
extension but the feed seemed to simply die shortly after starting so
I am not sure what that is all about yet.

	The biggest problem I see right now is how to find the actual
links that have the audio.  Many sites have files ending in .asx which
is a little bit of html that contains the relevant links.  If I can
get that far, I can feed the url to mplayer and it works perfectly.

	I can run lynx with the -source flag and find some of those
links if they are on the first page, but I wonder if there is a better
way to do this?

	I did write a little C program to look for href=" in source
code and it makes life much less of a headache when lines have over
100 characters in them and there may be more than one link.  If the
site uses javascript, one must find the href statements and then
splice the server's address on to them to make them absolute.

	Can lynx be made to dump source from pages after descending a

	If there is an easier way to do this, I am happy to hear how
stupid I am.  I will also let you have the C code I wrote so you can
pull links out of source code.

	The ACBradio site is a good example of the kind of trouble I
have run in to so far.

	The C program I wrote takes html source as standard input and
spits out lines containing the information inside the quotes after the
expression href=" .  It isn't a magic cure, but makes finding possible
links faster.

	Many thanks for any good suggestions.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
OSU Information Technology Division Network Operations Group

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