Listening to Internet Radio with mplayer

Brian Tew btew at
Sun May 29 04:55:19 UTC 2005
Go there, type the station call in the box
"find u.s. stations by call letters."  You will get back lots of info,
including the direct audio feed url if it has one.
I use it all the time with lynx.
I even made a little script called cs so I can type 'cs wwoz'
for example, and it will use this site and plug in wwoz
and dump the info to a local file.
is another similar site.
It is not so exhaustive as the first site, but simpler.

One thing that surprised me--your urls do not
always have to end in .mp3 or .asx or any file type like that.
Sometimes they end oddly, but they play the music anyway.
Sometimes they are redirects.

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