More Observations on INternet Radio

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sun May 29 19:44:50 UTC 2005

Well, some live365 stations will work if you do

and after the slash you put whatever name live365 is using for that 
station. In your case it looks from the url like radioccl. Unfortunately 
that doesn't work with this particular station; you are just told to go 
register/login at the live365 website.

Also, while looking at source is a good tool it isn't always necessary 
to do that. The way I found the name for your station was by going to and hitting the equals sign and looking at 
the url for the link.
In fact sometimes you need only look at the url for your link as shown 
at the bottom of the page without even hitting the equals key or using 
source; btw you can also do source by hitting the backslash; it toggles 
source and the rendered page.

On the live365 page that I found as the first link of, if you look down all the links, I did find 
that wktz works according to the formula I gave above. Do not use 
-playlist with live365 stations btw. So does industrialinfo. Of course 
the best thing would be to log in and use the site per their setup but 
while I can do that in freedombox i have found no way to do that with 
any browser I have on my own system.


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