FC3 distributions and Speakup

David Tseng davidct at uclink.berkeley.edu
Mon May 30 00:50:03 UTC 2005

Hi folks,
I'm a bit of a new comer in the Linux world.  As a result, I downloaded the Fedora distribution provided on Redhat's site only to find later the existence
of a Speakup modified distribution.  I spent a couple of days of nonstop downloading to get the DVD image and I'd really like to avoid downloading the
four CD images from my slow DSL connection.
My question is how different are the unmodified and modified Fedora distributions and can I get speech during installation with my unmodified DVD iso version
of FC3?  I'm not placing too much hope on this happening, but I figured I might as well ask before trying to get the CD images.
Thanks for any help any of you can give!
David Tseng
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