FC3 distributions and Speakup

vasile radu vradu at constanta.astral.ro
Mon May 30 06:20:31 UTC 2005

i have some question about this speak-up modified:
1. It's speak even I haven't a hardware sinthetizer?
2. If I am from Romania how can I pay for the cd set?
I want a cd set if it speak with out a hard sinthetizer during the 
instalation process
Thank a lot
a happy new year
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> You will not get speech during the installation of stock Fedora. For
> speech you must use the Speakup Modified.
> Downloading is extremely painful these days. I strongly suggest paying
> the $10 to Cheap Bytes for the 4 CD ROM set. It's likely far less
> painful.
> PS: No one associated with the Speakup Modified gets any money for
> recommending Cheap Bytes, by the way. It's just a convenience option.
> David Tseng writes:
>> Hi folks,
>> I'm a bit of a new comer in the Linux world.  As a result, I downloaded 
>> the Fedora distribution provided on Redhat's site only to find later the 
>> existence
>> of a Speakup modified distribution.  I spent a couple of days of nonstop 
>> downloading to get the DVD image and I'd really like to avoid downloading 
>> the
>> four CD images from my slow DSL connection.
>> My question is how different are the unmodified and modified Fedora 
>> distributions and can I get speech during installation with my unmodified 
>> DVD iso version
>> of FC3?  I'm not placing too much hope on this happening, but I figured I 
>> might as well ask before trying to get the CD images.
>> Thanks for any help any of you can give!
>> David Tseng
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