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Jan and Bertil Smark Nilsson bjsn at
Sat Nov 5 02:46:07 UTC 2005

Hello Odd,

On Sat, 5 Nov 2005, Odd Martin Baanrud wrote:

> Hello,
> I plan to install Linux on a 21 GB harddrive.
> I have some questions, which I hope someone can answer.
> What distribution should I use?

I use Fedora Core 4 with which I'm very happy.

> Is it possible to get my Braille Voyager functioning durring the 
> installation?

Yes, if you download the braillified version installation disc ISO from

> And/or, is it possible to get speech?
> I don't have an external synth, so it must be via the sound card.
> Witch programs are the best for:
> * Mail

I use Pine.
> * News

Pine takes care of that, too.
> * Web browsing

I use Links 2. In my opinion, it's much easier to use with braille. 
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to support Javascript totally. I have 
problems with banks and airlines.

> * Listening to diffrent kinds of multimedia.


> * IRC
> * Speech
> * Sound recording/editing
> * OCR
>* CD-recording



Bertil Smark Nilsson

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