TDD program for Linux

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Tue Nov 22 13:10:29 UTC 2005

If someone were to take this on, it might certainly prove a worthy
addition to minicom, assuming the bps could also be managed

The question should be raised, however, whether usage of TTY/TDD devices
is waning fast enough to be overcome by newer technologies. I'm not the
one to answer that, but it seems to me many more people are using
various kinds of short message service devices like the Blackberry or
the Sidecick. Of course these devices are asyncronis and are not yet
handled by 911.

T. Joseph CARTER writes:
> Janina Sajka wrote:
> > But don't many TDD devices require that users make this change by hand?
> > If it were automatic, this might be a great alternative.
> It's okay, the BAUDOT thing is easy enough to do.  The only part of the
> code that is a little weird from the ASCII point of view is the bit code
> 11x11.  Based on the middle bit, you set either letters or figures mode.
> In C (non-programmers, that's your cue to stop reading), code to turn
> baudot into ASCII might look like this:
> static int baudot_mode;		/* Must be 0 or 1 */
> static const char bd_ascii[][] = {
> 	"\05\r9 #,.\n)4&80:;3\"$?\a6!/-2'\xfe71(\xff"
> };
> #define bd_ascii(x) (bd_ascii[x][baudot_mode])
> Of course, if you pass \x1B or \x1F to bd_ascii, it will return -2 or -1
> respectively, which tells you want to set baudot_mode to.  Going the other
> direction is harder because we're talking about going from a code with 128
> values down to a code with 56 values.  Obviously lowercase characters can
> be turned into uppercase ones, but that leaves a whole lot of control
> characters and punctuation that must be converted or dropped.  This is not
> extraordinarily difficult, but if I were to take the time to do it, I
> would actually be doing it in a bit of source code rather than in some
> email.  *smile*
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