Installing Suse with braille

Alastair Irving alastairirving19 at
Mon Nov 28 12:32:55 UTC 2005

I have recently decided to install linux, and as I had read that Suse
had in built support for braille displays during the instalation I
decided to use it.  I have a tieman braille voyager.  However, when I
load the cd, it doesn't appear to detect my braille display and just
continues with the normal sighted instalation procedure.  Is my braille
display not supported?  (I know it is supported by BrlTTY so presumed it
would be supported by Suse.)  
If it is not supported, could someone give me instructions as to how to
create a bootdisk which includes brltty so that I can install a linux
distribution independently?
Alastair Irving
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