Still Looking for a gnopix-style CD

Willem van der Walt wvdwalt at
Tue Nov 29 14:42:46 UTC 2005

You can use a fedora rescue cd, or its first cd typing linux rescue at 
If you have the speakup-modified version you can have speech through a 
hardware synth.
You can also use oralux if the mnachine in question has a sound card.
The last option might be the easiest.
go to for that.
You have speech through yasr and flite.

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, Martin McCormick wrote:

> 	I downloaded the tomsrtbt 1.72-Meg floppy image several months
> ago and found out via google how to make it produce a serial console.
> 	I made myself a toms disk for ttyS0 and another for ttyS1 and
> they work, but I have run in to a system that will eventually be a
> Linux box after I salvage all the .wav files and some pictures that
> may be on it so I can't reformat the hard drive just yet.
> 	If I had a CDROM that contained enough Linux to get ssh and
> scp going as well as tar and at least gzip, etc, I could boot this CD
> on the computer in question and use tar, cpio, or even possibly ftp to
> transfer the contents of the hard drive to another system that is
> already working and then I can go ahead and install Debian on this
> former Windows system in the usual manner.
> 	Is there anything around now that is kind of like the tomsrtbt
> disk that fits on a CDROM that would allow me to boot a serial console
> and have pretty much a normal shell with vi and enough networking
> utilities to transfer files off the system to another one?
> 	I did download a gnopix disk some time back and it probably
> works, but I wasn't able to get a serial command line shell going upon
> boot so it is fairly useless to me.
> 	Thanks for any ideas.
> Martin McCormick
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