Still Looking for a gnopix-style CD

John G. Heim jheim at
Tue Nov 29 15:47:53 UTC 2005

Oralux. You're definately looking for oralux.

It comes up talking. I don't believe it comes up with a serial console 
because  you might want to connect a speech synth to the serial port.  But 
once you are booted, you can start a getty on a serial port. But you 
probably won't want to because oralux will have tar and gzip and scp. So 
you'll probably want to just create some tar.gz files and scp them 
wherever. You can even burn a CD but you'll need a second CD drive for that 
because you're booted from the CD drive. I do all this routinely with 
oralux.  I have a customized oralux CD that boots up using my doubletalk LT.

Below is the makefile I use to create my customized oralux CD.  I'm 
including it because it shows the steps you can use to create a modified 
knoppix CD with a serial console (if you don't like oralux). What you'd do 
is get an iso file, mount it on a loop device, copy the files to another 
directory (can't edit the iso itself), write the diskette image to a 
diskette, edit boot config file, rewrite image, recreat iso, burn CD.

MYISO = myOralux.iso

start : get mount copy umount floppy

finish : image iso

get :

mount :
         mount -t iso9660 -o loop ${ISONAME} ./mnt

copy :
         cp -r ./mnt ./media

umount :
         umount ./mnt

floppy :
         dd if=media/KNOPPIX/boot.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024

image :
         dd if=/dev/fd0 of=media/KNOPPIX/boot.img bs=1024

iso :
         mkisofs -l -r -J -V "Oralux" -hide-rr-moved -v -b KNOPPIX/boot.img 
-c KNOPPIX/ -o ${MYISO} ./media

At 08:31 AM 11/29/2005, you wrote:
>         I downloaded the tomsrtbt 1.72-Meg floppy image several months
>ago and found out via google how to make it produce a serial console.
>         I made myself a toms disk for ttyS0 and another for ttyS1 and
>they work, but I have run in to a system that will eventually be a
>Linux box after I salvage all the .wav files and some pictures that
>may be on it so I can't reformat the hard drive just yet.
>         If I had a CDROM that contained enough Linux to get ssh and
>scp going as well as tar and at least gzip, etc, I could boot this CD
>on the computer in question and use tar, cpio, or even possibly ftp to
>transfer the contents of the hard drive to another system that is
>already working and then I can go ahead and install Debian on this
>former Windows system in the usual manner.
>         Is there anything around now that is kind of like the tomsrtbt
>disk that fits on a CDROM that would allow me to boot a serial console
>and have pretty much a normal shell with vi and enough networking
>utilities to transfer files off the system to another one?
>         I did download a gnopix disk some time back and it probably
>works, but I wasn't able to get a serial command line shell going upon
>boot so it is fairly useless to me.
>         Thanks for any ideas.
>Martin McCormick
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