Still Looking for a gnopix-style CD

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Tue Nov 29 20:37:21 UTC 2005

Well, I bought the Fedora Core 3 or 4 speakup distro on Cheapbytes. I just 
couldn't rely on my old 98 machine to stay up for 180 hours to download 4 
iso images. It was going to download at about dialup speed. The problem with 
stuff like this is bandwidth. I wonder why speakup isn't on Source Forge, 
some how they manage to pay for it all.

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>I would really like to try that too. But isn't there now another place to 
>download it from other than wget estimated that it would take 
>48 hours for it to download from I already checked the 
> semi-mirror. It doesn't seem to be there.
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>>You've had a lot of good suggestions so far so I'll just mention that
>>there is a speakup enabled knoppix iso image on the
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