Windows emulator

Aldo blinuxman at
Wed Oct 12 10:36:52 UTC 2005

On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 10:34:58AM +0200, Yasemin Acur wrote:
> Hi All!
> Is it possible to run Software for Windows under Linux suse 9.3?

Yes, cf. Wine under graphical interface;
but isn't is as absurde to run W$ apps on Linux as being eating on a 
Chinese restaurant and asking if you can order TexMex?!

> I use
> Brltty 3.6.2.

You need X, but if you have a pc with a big hd, its better to have a 
dual boot Win Lin or whatever;
you have btw lots of ways you can have access to your Win partition;
for apps, better you try to find the application who can equivalently 
replace the Window$ one.



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