web development

Terry Klarich terry at klarich.net
Wed Oct 12 19:02:12 UTC 2005

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 14:00:24 -0500I write:
>Hello All:
>I was just wondering wwhat web development tools folks are using?  Which rate high on the accessability scale?

I wanted to say thanks for all the responses.  I was looking for an html generater of sorts.  My search of the net was
unsuccessful.  Coding html is some what repetitive.  I wanted to try and cut down on some of the dirty work.

I am an old UNIX hand.  Vi and perl are my natural habitat.  I remember when we used to have to snatch perl off comp.sources.unix
as it went by.  The days of those shar archives and uunet.  Most of the guys I work with don't even know what uucp is.  Maybe that
is a good thing.  :)

Anyway, especially Tim, you all confermed what I already knew.


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