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Aldo blinuxman at
Thu Oct 13 09:03:12 UTC 2005


On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 11:34:05PM +0200,  Anders Holmberg wrote:
> Hello!
> Great. Can't you Girlfriend come and install Debian on my machine 
> I only had problems with mine.
> But I think there was some incorrect installation anywhere.

Well, for your info, I got very big problems with installing the latest 
Debian Sarge due to absence of any blindfriendly method + interface for 
installing it; so my solution was to install from a mini Woody, 
or from the official 1st Woody CD, (since that's the old stable), then 
to ask during the installation to NOT install non-US packages; the trick 
works and when your installation is finished you will have a Sarge at 
your pc.

Note that I'm discussing about this big big problem with the Debian-Boot 
members since the supposed debian-accessibility person is no longer busy 
with such things (maybe he left for Mars...)

Regarding CrossOver, this is a "graphical" soft for people who wants to 
run M$Office and other M$$$ stuff.

If you got some problems with your first installation, I recommend 
to look for a local users group, so called LUG libre users group,
Google may help you!


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