Distributing braille documens digitally, suggestions please

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at wayne.edu
Fri Oct 14 18:18:32 UTC 2005

Mario mentioned already being aware of the Unicode range so he probably 
already knows my kindergarten-level comments. This is all brand new to me so 
please disregard if appropriate:

>From what I saw as I investigated this today, the u+2800 range specifies how 
to format specific characters. It does not address the meaning of those 
characters. In other words, the writer designs the dot pattern and it should 
appear the same way regardless of code page or locale. Each dot is a bit 
from 01 to 80. Thus if I want to write dot 1 I code u+2801. If I want to 
write dot 3 I code u+2804; if I want to write dots 4-5-6 I code u+2838.

Jaws cannot display this, but with Windows you can select specific fonts. 
There's a link labeled "fonts that can display this character" on the 
Unicode formats page that I didn't look at. Perhaps by selecting such a font 
the user could get the stuff to display right. This could also be done by 
selecting a table in brltty(?).

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