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Artur Rutkowski ldfura at
Tue Oct 18 13:53:38 UTC 2005

Hi all!

I have one trouble with brltty. I am using the Ubuntu linux distribution (based on debian). I don't have the serial port in my laptop so I use the usb serial converter. This equipment is visible by the linux and it is connected to /dev/ttyUSB0. When I usualy was running the brltty (that was on fedora) I gave the ttyUSB0 as an argument to the "-s" parameter. When I did it today my braille lite m20 did nothing. I installed the latest version of brltty. I couldn't find the newer deb package then 3.4.1 so I converted rpm to deb package using alien program. After installation I turned brltty on but blm20 didn't react. Brltty didn't display any error message.


My question is: why the blm20 is doing nothing althouth the brltty is running? The command I type is: brltty -b bl -s ttyUSB0 -t (for polish language).


Thank you from advance.

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