Several questions

Artur Rutkowski ldfura at
Wed Oct 19 19:58:41 UTC 2005

Hi All!

I'm using the Ubuntu linux distribution (based on Debian distribution). I have few questions, some of them concert this distribution.

1. My naitive language is polish language, so I wanted to set the iso-8859-2 characters standard. I was looking for the i18n file but I didn't find it (this file exists in fedora probably). In which file (in Debian and debian based distributions) can I set the characters standard?

2. In which file can I write the brltty... command in order to start brltty during the boot of system (this question also concerns the Debian and Debian based distributions like Ubuntu)?

3. In which file can I save the system prompt settings?

4. Is it possible to connect to the internet using modem under the linux system? I heard, that linux handles the usb modems. Is it true? What types of the modems are handled by the linux system?

Thanks from advance.
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