Information about meessenger

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sat Oct 22 18:58:10 UTC 2005

> I'm looking for one program in text mode and accessible with brltty 
> and permits to use yahoo messenger and one program that permets to
> use msn messenger.

I believe that "centericq" does both of them in the same program. 
There's also a program called "naim" that allows for a number of IM 
protocols, though I don't know if they've got MSN.  Both are console 
apps, and should have no problems with brltty.  It's nice to run them 
inside a "screen" session, as screen allows you to monitor a "window" 
for activity/inactivity, so you can be alerted when you get an IM, while 
still having access to all your other software.  So with "screen", you 
can be browsing in one or two windows, IM-ing in another, writing a 
letter in yet another, and writing software in another.  Each just a 
quick key-combo away.


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