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nothing has changed
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Hi, I'm a blind software engineer and most of my experience concentrates on 
Linux and unix.
Recently, an organization here in Israel offers support for people who are 
willing to contribute to the opensource community,
either by developing a new project or contributing to an ongoing one.
while the textual command line Linux is accessable, the gui linux is much 
less and needs improving.
I thought to invest on this area and contribute to improve the gui 
accessibility so that users may have full access to openoffice, firefox and 
any other gui based bpplication.
I did not keep track after this area during a year, but it ssems not much 
has changed since then.
Am I correct in this or somebody has other news for me?
Yes, I know gnopernicus and I even tried it for a very little while with my 
Vario braille display with no much success
concluding that Gnopernicus has way to go.
and, if indeed I'll decide to take sucha project under my responsability,
I thought to concentrate on Gnopernicus and further develop it.
I don't want to "invent the wheel" so my questions to the list are as 
1. Is there any on-going development on Gnopernicus or is it quite a stuck 
2. Are there other software and developments in this area currently?
3. Does the route of developing Gnopernicus is a correct idea, or would you 
suggest other ideas?
4. Gnopernicus is part of Gnome. Is there something also for kde?
This is for me a kind of research and "sniffing" of this area before I 
decide to jump into it.
Any feedback and idea will be most appreciated.
Thank you all in advance, Rafi.


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