OT: Linux, online confrences, and IRC portals?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Mon Sep 12 21:32:31 UTC 2005

Greetings all,
I did not at first rase this issue here, but on the speakup list.  now 
that i have additional information, I want to reach out to a broader source 
of guidance.
I am a member of a professional media organization called AIR

the group provides information to producers and broadcasters serving the 
public radio community,  and the general public.  One of their services is 
a monthly online conference called the air spotlight.
This is accessed via a chat client which is a part of the hosting service 
used by AIR.  It is my understanding, although I am seeking more direct 
information, that this is only a Java protocol system which has cost the 
organization nothing thus far as it is thrown in with their hosting 
options.  I am getting more direct information for the company so I can 
confirm this.

Interestingly enough the Java structure is presenting barriers for more 
than just me, it is not javascript and apparently even those using windows 
and macs have trouble.
I am suggesting that an IRC portal be created that can be accessed at the 
same time as the regular conference, which are monthly.  this will not only 
alow me to join, I am joining the organization's board, but anyone else 
who can access mirc, the windows client for IRC.

  I want to learn how difficult it is to create such a portal, and what is 
required. or  would it be easier to enable javascript to go along with 
their Java setup?
anyone with serious knowledge, can you write me off list?   i want to 
present as factual an option as i can for this.
Thanks very much,
Karen lewellen

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