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Hi Yasemin,

sorry for the late response, it was a very busy weekend.

On Mi, Mär 29, 2006 at 08:06:31 +0200, Yasemin Acur wrote:
>Thank you very much. "setfont" has worked immediatelly :-).
>But could you explain what it does? You know I'm a newbie and I want to 
>understand it.

On SUSE systems there is a font for the console installed by default, 
why ever :(. This font causes sbl to have problems. The setfont command 
removes this font and the standard is used.

>Do I have to enter this command every time I start Linux? I use linux Suse 

Somehwere in the


directory the file


exists where the default font can be set during the boot process. Please 
open this file and search for a entry called


Remove all params for this setting:


After the change is done, execute the


command to save the changes in the system config files. If your system 
is rebooted now and no font should be set and all special German 
characters should be displaied fine.

Best wishes from Straubing :),

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