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Tue Apr 4 23:00:16 UTC 2006

Hi folks, I'm a 23 years old boy living in northern italy and I've been using Linux since October 2005. First Redhat, then Debian.
My problems are quite a lot, but the most urgent is the following.
I have to create a procedure which makes easier the restore process to users who do not have acknowledgement of the shell commands.
The script calls the program amrecove,r which is part of the Amanda suite, a famous backup and restore system.
Once executed, Amanda sets the disk and the date interesting for the user and then...
here comes my difficulty.

How can I create, by writing  a Bash script with vi, a menu that shows the content of a directory by executing the lscommand, allowing besides to select one or more files by pressing space to mark or unmark the item(s)?

I tried to use both dialog and whiptail with the --menu and--checklist options, but nothing to do!

I need a big and fast help, please don't consider a problem quoting directly the code in a message, so that I can immediately insert it in my script!

Naturally, the procedure will work in text mode.
So, X is not required!

Many thanks to all of you, write you soon

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