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Luke Yelavich themuso at themuso.com
Mon Apr 10 13:31:28 UTC 2006

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On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 10:39:11PM EST, MICHAEL WEAVER wrote:
> Could anyone possibly help me getting started with Linux, pointers which 
> might help me get going?
> I have been trying to use Ubuntu with Gnopernicus but have been having 
> problems getting it going after login?
> A chap from one of the LUGs (Linux User Groups I attend managed to vaguely 
> get Gnopernicus running on my Laptop with Ubuntu but it is configuring it 
> for speech during Login which seems to be a problem at the moment.

I believe you can configure GDM to automatically log you into GNOME. 
Have I talked to you by chance on IRC at any point? If so, how far have 
you managed to get since then?

Note I haven't looked into how to get GDM to automatically log in, but I 
know it can be done. I suggest you search for gdm autologin in something 
like Google Linux search, http://www.google.com.au/linux.

Hope this helps.
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