Nano, Thanks Tim-and-Dave

Hart Larry chime at
Wed Apr 19 18:10:23 UTC 2006

Ok, so far I have successfully changed my editor here on shellworld to nano.  I 
hope it will work, I have it start as
nano -t
so it won't prompt me for changes.  Yes, I edited .lynxrc directly.
Now, if a standard keyboard only goes up to f12, how can I push f14?
Next, you say I can type control k, but then control u.  Will it prompt me for 
which file I want to move text in to?
Lastly, while in nano, if I want to globally get rid of all blank lines, how 
would I do this?  I remember in wp6.0 there were ways to get rid of all "hrt"
Thanks so much in advance

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