obtaining IBM Via voice

Brent Harding bharding at doorpi.net
Wed Apr 26 22:36:51 UTC 2006

I wonder why they couldn't use speakup in that distro? I can barely 
understand the voice that is beyond the initial menu. I couldn't even get 
Oralux to telnet out, if yasr was used. I don't know how to run the dhcp in 
that distro. I hope it isn't that my onboard nic isn't supported, the kind 
on the Asus P4P800.

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> The Oralux developers are considering including IBM Viavoice in a gold 
> edition of their Linux based TTS LiveCD. I understand they are testing it 
> now. I use their standard version that works very well without having to 
> pay for a license from IBM.
> You can get additional information at:
> www.oralux.org
> Jeff
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> Subject: obtaining IBM Via voice
>    Hello,I am wondering, if there are some other ways to purchase IBM via 
> voiceTTS for Linux, rather than from wizard.com who sell only 300 
> licensesof this product a purchase.Thank you in advance for your 
> suggestions.--  
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