obtaining IBM Via voice

Aldo blinuxman at tuxfamily.org
Thu Apr 27 13:25:47 UTC 2006

On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 12:43:24PM +0200, Gilles Casse wrote:
> I have recently proposed a patch for non english characters for Speakup
> which has been kindly welcomed by Kirk Reiser.

This is GREAT news! 

> Speakup is also currently available in our test version 0.7.6 in 6
> languages (Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Russian,
> Spanish).

This is great news too.
> The user selects Speakup from the audio menu, item Desktop. Thereafter the
> possible software or hardware synthesizers are proposed.
> Testers are welcome! The ISO is available at oralux.rs.sr (bandwith and
> host kindly offered by BTGport.net).

Feel free to send more info regarding installation of Speakup for 
French, since I -still- maintain an EDU-file regarding speech 
(especially for FR solutions, since these are lesser available than 
the English/American ones): http://blinuxwiki.pbwiki.com/EduVocale


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