BookPort and Linux

John Heim jheim at
Fri Apr 28 14:40:26 UTC 2006

At 06:52 AM 4/28/2006, Kirk Reiser wrote:
>I never go anywhere without my bookport and have read probably over
>ten thousand pages since getting it.  I find I feel lost if I'm caught
>out somewhere without it anymore I depend on it so much.

That thing is only $400. Last year I paid over $200 for a NLS cassette 
player that doesn't do anything but play cassettes.

I also record a lot of radio and TV programs to listen to later. I usually 
listen to them on my laptop. But the laptop is too big to carry around most 
of the time. When I take the bus to visit my family, I don't usually want 
to drag my laptop along.

So the bookport seems like a heckuva bargain.  My only problem would be 
that I'd be afraid of dropping or losing it.   If i fumbled it, it'd be 
$400 down the tubes.  I'm nervous enough carrying the cassette player around.

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