File Sharing-and-Dropped Networks?

Hart Larry chime at
Sun Dec 10 15:20:38 UTC 2006

Well, this is seemingly weird.  I am running mutella much of the time with no 
problems.  Also, since I am trying to complete several torrents, I am running 
several sessions of bit torrent console.  All works well, but seemingly  many 
mornings after 130-AM my network drops.  I must power-cycle the modem--and type
ifup eth0
Just running mutella round-the-clock has never been a problem, but why are the 
torrent programs dropping my DSL middle-of-the-night?  Right now, I am not 
running any router--and have a dynamic IP from what is now AT&T, was SBC. 
Running FC6 with speakup.  Are their any settings I can change to fix this? 
Thanks so much in advance

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